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The Sex Talk EVERY Parent NEEDS to Have
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Mom, Dad…This one’s for you! Join Jackie Brewton, one of the country’s highly sought after Sex-Ed experts/youth speakers, for the next installment of her Dreams, Decisions, Destinies™ DVD series “The Sex Talk Every Parent Needs to Have.”

Your go-to-guide on how to talk to your child about sex is finally here!

"I love that she presented it in such a positive, easy way and with helpful instructions and tips.  
I would love to see this in the hands of the parents of every child,
not just teenager, but every child.
I say child because the conversation needs to start at an early age
& you just build on it every year."
-Tonetta Collins, School Counselor



Why Parents NEED to Purchase this DVD!


"She's speaking from a wealth of experience, not rhetoric, not what she has concluded.
It's coming from the hearts of the teenagers that she's touching.
That's a powerful thing! I would highly encourage you to get this DVD."
-Doug Murrell, Parent and Minister
Do you feel unprepared to talk to your child about sex, love and relationships?
Is your “Just Say No” message falling on deaf ears?
Are you worried about sounding like a hypocrite due to poor decisions you made regarding sex when you were a teen?
Well, I have good news for you! A resource is now available.
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What Parents Will Learn from this DVD:


"I am totally dumbfounded by the information she has compiled and the way she presents it.
She understands the problems that these kids face every day and she has the answers.
She states what the issues are & how parents can confront them
& for that reason I think this is a very powerful tool that parents can use,
schools can use and churches can use to help meet the needs of their children."
-Dave Miller, Youth Advocate
In this inspiring presentation, Jackie educates, equips and empowers parents to have the much-needed sex talk with their pre-teens and teens. This one-hour and 40 minute DVD includes five chapters: 
  • The Consequences of Teen Sex
  • The Root Causes of Teen Sex
  • Effective Approaches Used by Jackie in the Classroom
  • Ineffective Approaches Used by Parents (as told to Jackie by teens)
  • What Parents MUST Do


Research shows that parents can positively influence their teen’s decision-making regarding sex. “The Sex Talk Every Parent Needs to Have,” is the tool you’ve been waiting for to help you do just that! No more stumbling over what to say to your teens about sex. No more feeling like a hypocrite because of decisions you made as a teen. Let’s remove the awkwardness from the discussion.

Ways to Utilize this DVD:
1. Watch it along with your child.
2. Watch each of the five chapters separately, taking time to process the content in each segment.
3. Practice the effective approaches/strategies with your child.
Dreams, Decisions, Destinies – Let’s Start the Conversation Together!  
What Parents Have to Say about Jackie's Presentations:
"Every parent in the United States should have been here to listen."
"I think Ms. Brewton gave a very powerful presentation. I only wish she had more time."
"This speaker should be on the national circuit!"
"The speaker was outstanding. I couldn't have been more impressed. Extremely informative."
Purchase the Parent DVD & Teen DVDs Together!
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Please note: This DVD is not designed to replace formal sex education or cover everything your child needs to know about sex and the risks involved. It is simply designed to offer a different and more positive approach to the topic and to provide parents a way to start the conversation with their teen(s).


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About Jackie
I’m Jackie Brewton – a youth development speaker and sex education expert who, for more than 13 years, has been inspiring teens and young adults to dream bigger DREAMS, make better DECISIONS and walk into their DESTINIES! I have had the pleasure of speaking to tens of thousands of youth across the country and even internationally, and have received 10,000+ letters from students. Not only do I deliver keynotes before large assemblies of thousands each year, but I can also be found on the front line, empowering youth in a classroom of thirty each week. The "real talk" classroom discussions give me a window into the hearts and minds of teens that very few adults get to experience. For more information about the work that I do, visit www.jackiebrewton.com